Bloodwork is a New York City based Alternative Metal band first formed in 2005, honed in on bottom heavy, syncopated riffs and melodic rock instrumentation. The band draws its influence from the grunge era genre benders Alice in Chains, the gothic elements of Lacuna Coil, and driving paces as set forth by bands like Sevendust and Korn. With such lethal influences Bloodwork maintains a modern appeal without sacrificing its metal roots.

With much experimentation through the years, this formula has proven to be most successful. Maintaining focus, and keeping the best interest of the music in their sights, the results engage its listener with its dark and empowering vibe. Tightly woven bass and drums keep the low end forging forward through the surrounding harmonies. Complimenting heart-felt, winding solos with atmospheric keys, instills the perfect emotion within each song. Unforgiving and brutal vocals are intense, commanding and brings the heaviness needed to complete the sound that is BLOODWORK…

Bloodwork’s EP ”Darker Days” was produced at Vudu Studio in Long Island, NY. Recording, engineering and mastering the project was Mike Watts and his team. Mike worked with bands such as Godsmack, Adelitas Way, Digital Summer and Theory of a Dead Man. His experience is proven and priceless.

The EP single “Darker Days”, living up to its name, this song is one of many that will lure you into its grasp and welcome you to more haunting and darker territories.